If you are excited by all you see God's Spirit doing and by the number of fresh expressions of church springing up in the UK and in other countries too, you may wonder how you can get involved.

  • mission shaped ministry

    mission shaped ministry

    A one-year part-time course for those leading, or thinking of starting, a fresh expression of church.

  • mission shaped intro

    mission shaped intro

    A six-session freely-downloadable course which helps you to reconnect with your community and think creatively about new ways of being church.

  • msm event


    Events put on by Fresh Expressions and other groups or agencies.

The following training opportunities are ongoing, one-off or annual programmes which do not appear in the calendar listing below.

  • Bike with stabilisers

    General training

    General training and courses provided by other agencies and institutions which may be relevant to those wanting to start a fresh expression of church.

  • Bike with stabilisers

    Leadership training

    Leadership training and courses provided by other agencies and institutions to help you lead a fresh expression of church or engage with pioneer ministry.

  • Bike with stabilisers

    Ordained pioneer ministry training

    Training for ordained pioneer ministry in the Church of England.

  • Bike with stabilisers

    Postgraduate courses

    Postgraduate courses related to fresh expressions of church and pioneer ministry.