Zone2 - update Nov11

Tuesday, 29 November, 2011

Launched in March 2011, the Zone 2 informal worship zone runs simultaneously with Liverpool Cathedral's traditional Sunday morning choral service. Richard White, the Cathedral's Canon for Mission and Evangelism, tells how Zone 2 now attracts between 40 and 60 people to the cathedral's Concert Room.

We started with a team of nine adults and seven children who were already committed members of the cathedral and/or the Dream network - as well as a further three adults who were connecting with Dream but were otherwise un-churched or de-churched.

Roughly half of those coming along were previously fringe members or not churchgoers at all. We are committed to zone 2 being regarded as fully 'church' but this commitment highlights a growing need for more specifically adult-oriented teaching and discipleship to develop those being nurtured in their faith as well as potential new leaders.

As a result we have reshaped the cathedral's monthly Sunday evening Dream service to take much more of a teaching and discussion focus. Now known as 'Deeper', the teaching, worship and discussion dovetail with small groups which meet during the alternating weeks for further discussion, support and prayer.

Our recent experience of specific pioneer initiatives at the cathedral gives us confidence that there is tremendous potential here to enable new models of church planting that are more achievable and more sustainable than has often been experienced, particularly in parishes with few resources of their own. We believe that the model we are developing - when combined with an online library of effective and high quality resources - gives this an interest and applicability well beyond the Diocese.

Archbishop Rowan has championed a 'mixed economy' where traditional churches and fresh expressions work alongside each other in mission. Our experience is increasingly that there is indeed significant mission potential in this mixed economy approach.

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