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Wednesday, 1 October, 2008

Ben Norton updates us on XY lad's church in Bridlington.

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Introducer: When pioneer minister Ben Norton moved to work in a parish in Bridlington, he thought he'd be leading fresh expression for teenagers. He'd established a very promising youth ministry in another Yorkshire town and wanted to do more of the same. But God had different ideas, and after a period of listening, praying and, well, some necessary research time in the local pub, Ben decided to start a church called xy, for that section of the human race with two distinct chromosomes.

Ben Norton: I really felt that God was calling me to work with men, or lads, kind of 18-40. And we actually discuss what's been going on the news and actually what issues that raises for us as men. So this week we're looking at suffering, because of natural disasters and things that have been in the news. So we just sit and we have a discuss and there's some Scripture there that we look at as well, and that's really good. It gives us as men a chance to talk about things that we just don't get a chance to talk about in normal church. And we've learnt a lot about each other and we've learnt a lot more about our Bible and our own journeys. And I and the other guys really look forward to going.

Meeting in a pub is sometimes catch 22, especially if you go in there as Christians you know. For some people it's a safe place to go because the pub is where they go anyway, but to meet with a group of Christians actually can put some people off as well. So there are guys that have come along that have really enjoyed it, there are some guys that have come along and said you know, it's not for me.

The camping stuff actually came from a guy who is quite spiritual, maybe wouldn't call himself a Christian, and he said I'd really like to go out into the wilderness and maybe chat about spiritual stuff and just be out in nature in the open air and things. So it's a normal camping trip, we've got fire and meat and man things, but then we've also got a kind of sacred space, an area that is different, that is away from the campsite, that is a holy area if you like really.

[So what we're going to do now is we've just got some questions, just some things to think about…]

There are bits of Scripture around, maybe questions about life and so it gives guys the opportunity to actually maybe ask some of the questions that they won’t get asked or ask themselves in any other forum in life.

Going to the pub and drinking with my mates, having curry nights, going and doing all the things that I enjoy doing as a bloke, you know, some people might say well is that work? But very very recently, a couple of nights ago, I was again out in the pub with some of these guys and a guy asked if he could have a chat with me. The pub was packed, so we found a quiet corner and I explained who Christ was and what he'd done for us and that God can send his Holy Spirit to help us in our journeys and, you know, he accepted Christ there and then. And so for me that was a real breakthrough and a real affirmation of what I feel God is calling me to do in that situation. So yeah, it's tough work, it's vulnerable work and it's not easy, but when God blesses you in that way it's just phenomenal.

Introducer: And if you'd like to find out more about Ben's work in Bridlington, why not log on to the church website.

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