Sue Bosley on being a pioneer

Monday, 29 October, 2012

Sue Bosley of Springfield Church discusses the challenges and rewards of being a lay [not ordained] pioneer.

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Sue Bosley: About five years ago I was a part-time primary school teacher. I left that job to become a paid member of staff on the Springfield Church team, working full time and developing different ministries outside of our Sunday mornings. I think we all reflected on actually my role was developing more and more as a pioneer. So when I came to lead the second congregation my minister felt actually my title needs to reflect the role that I know had at Springfield so I'm now the Pioneer Minister for Springfield. But I think very much I'm part of the staff team. I'm full-time paid member of staff and I lead the team with the minister's support and backing and he's given me that free reign, yet that support and perhaps the buck stops with him and I think that's been so key and important to be valued as part of the staff team, to be making the decisions, taking the leadership, but also to have the love and support of both congregations. To be part of what we do at Springfield and our calling as a church is to reach the unchurched or those in our communities and I play a key role in that. But obviously couldn't do any of it without the love and the support and the joining up of the people in the congregations. So people help me with Messy Church and the toddler group and without them, without being team Springfield, none of this could happen. So it's great to work with many different members of the congregation and to be part of what we do at Springfield Church.

Being a lay pioneer is no inhibitions to what I do. It's being able to be out there with people, to be able to mix with all sorts of people. So whether I'm ordained or not perhaps isn't the issue, it's the love of other people and also though the backing of your church. And I would hope there are lots of pioneers out there, people who have a heart for people in their community or those that are just outside their community and actually to be valued by the minister and the church to go out there and pioneer, go and see what you can do in the community. And for me you know a full-time church job replaced my part-time teaching job but the rewards are great, just to see lives changed and renewed and for people to start to get to know the Lord Jesus is great payment itself.

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