Saturday Gathering - baptism and confirmation Jan14

Tuesday, 14 January, 2014

Baptisms and confirmations at the Saturday Gathering.

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Tony Robinson: ...therefore I ask, do you turn to Jesus?...

Rob: My name is Rob, I originated from Liverpool, I've moved up to here from Chester, I come out of prison and I come here. I was homeless, I was an alcoholic, an ex-junkie. I come to church every Saturday now and help out in church. I've helped Linda, I've helped Dave, I've helped all the people in the church, like I'm working in the kitchen now and things are good, looking up good.

Tony Robinson: ...every day from today on, put Jesus and God right at the centre of all that I do, all that I think, all that I say. Because that's what being a disciple of Jesus is about. And it's one of those infectious things because the more you get to know...

Rob: As I said I was a heroin addict. Since then I've come off heroin, I'm now living in a serene house and I'm not taking drugs, I'm not drinking, I'm not even smoking any more and I feel great, I feel good for it and church helped me quite a lot.

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It was a real privilege to be part of such an inspiring occasion. The Bishop made it very clear what was involved in Christian baptism and Confirmation. There was no doubting the sincerity of the candidates and the joy of all concerned. It was infectious!
We hope and pray that the Lord will protect and encourage each new Christian and all who are helping in this new and cutting-edge work.

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