River in the City - update Oct10

Friday, 1 October, 2010

Karen Carter interviews Keith Hitchman about River in the City in the Liverpool ONE shopping centre.

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Introducer: Keith Hitchman is the pioneer minister for Liverpool ONE and is based in the recently-revived city centre. He's just begun working there and Karen Carter asked him for his first impressions.

Keith Hitchman: It is a mixture of the old and the new. You know, there's the Liverpool ONE development which is very new, but around it is the old city and that is the area I'm covering. A lot of people from Liverpool obviously and outside Liverpool working there, but there are a lot of people coming into the city just to visit the Liverpool ONE development. Liverpool one is also a postcode and encompasses more than that development and the effects of Liverpool ONE are spreading outwards beyond the actual shopping development itself.

Interviewer: Any particular challenges that you can see. Obviously there are going to be lots of challenges along the way but anything that you've already come across so far and you think, oh yes, that will be something I need to look at?

Keith Hitchman: I think the challenge would remain the same wherever it was. I think there is great spiritual openness in Liverpool and I think there's historical reasons for that, but there's probably a suspicion of the institutional church and there's probably historical reasons for that. And I think that pattern could be seen countrywide, but I definitely see that in Liverpool. You know, what we're doing is the future, we're mapping out the future of how church will be over the next 200 years.

Introducer: Keith Hitchman, pioneer minister for Liverpool ONE.

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