Messy Church, Cowplain - update May09

Friday, 1 May, 2009

Lesley Baker (and another three generations of her family) shares her thoughts on the original Messy Church, Cowplain.

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Introducer: Now, it's unusual in any church to have four generations worshipping together, but it's particularly unusual in a fresh expression of church. But in Cowplain near Portsmouth that's exactly what they've got in their Messy Church. Karen Carter went along and first of all met three-year-old Molly, who told her what was good about the new congregation she's part of.

Female child: I like playing with the toys in this church.

Interviewer: And what else do you like to do?

Female child: I like doing lots of running about! Having Messy Church lunch.

Interviewer: And what do you make at Messy Church?

Female child: Lots of lots of lots of things!

Lesley Baker: My name's Lesley Baker and I come to Messy Church, I've been coming to Messy Church now for almost six years since it began, and I'm especially blessed because my mother Doreen, my daughter Kathryn, her daughter Molly and her son Joshua all come, sometimes her husband as well, Pete. So we all come together as a family, but from a female point of view we are actually four generations of girls coming to Messy Church together.

Interviewer: Why is Messy Church such an amazing fresh expression of church for you?

Lesley Baker: It's something that's very very special because it's something that we can all do together. I come to church confidently knowing that there will be something there for everybody, for all generations. And it's very relaxed and non-threatening environment, it's great for those people who perhaps would feel a little awkward about coming to church after a long break away or having never having experience of church before.

Interviewer: And what would you say to people who say yeah, but it's not real church?

Lesley Baker: I would say I most certainly is. It's a fresh expression of worship and it may not be the kind of church worship that they're accustomed to, but it certainly is real church.

Introducer: Lesley Baker bringing that report by Karen Carter to an end.

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