Heathfield cafechurch - update Nov13

Monday, 11 November, 2013

Lorna Miller shares her perspective on Heathfield cafechurch.

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Lorna Miller: Hi, my name's Lorna, I'm 21 years old and I live in Heathfield. I got involved with cafechurch through my parents; they were on the committee that were involved in initially helping to kickstart the cafechurch in Heathfield. So, the first cafechurch I came along with them.

Unfortunately that night, the person that was giving the testimony had fallen ill so I was asked to stand in - so that's how I got involved in the compering and giving testimony side of things. But I've just thoroughly enjoyed it; the themes have all been great. The first one I came to was about stress and, being in the middle of my dissertation, it was exactly what I needed! And the last one was on Les Miserables and I'm a huge musical theatre fan so that was right up my street. And I think it has made a real difference in my life, partly because it is giving you that Christian message to today's culture.

There are a lot of things that I struggle with, for example, getting worried about money and today we just had some talks about that and it did really just make me think, like, 'I don't need to worry about this kind of thing' and you look around you and you just see loads of friendly faces and you realise that you might be having a hard day but there's lots of people there who love and care for you and, above all, there's God.

I think it's a really great new way of seeing church because it's a less formal approach but also the themes are so relevant to today. As I said, Les Mis – we linked that into having forgiveness, and then the stress, and then today about 'How rich are you?' And I think a lot of us today do worry about things like money, and stuff like that, so what cafechurch does is it delivers a Christian message in a very real and relatable way. I think it's great 'cos it's informal, you can get to know people in a social way and people can just walk in off the street and find out more about what we're doing and see that being a Christian is about so much more than just going to church and, I guess see that we are just friendly people who enjoy having a coffee and hanging out with friends so, yes, I think it's a really good scheme.

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