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Saturday, 1 November, 2008

Andy Fyall and Louise Beaumont explain the journey from an Alpha course to Fellowship@Grannies, a fresh expression of church in a tea shop just outside Nottingham.

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Introducer: In 2002, members of a local Methodist Church in a former mining town just outside Nottingham began to run Alpha courses. But as church leader Andy Fyall explains, they soon realised that getting people into a church building to do that was, for many, a non-starter.

Andy Fyall: When we ran an Alpha course at our Methodist Church in Cotgrave, a large proportion of our congregation did the Alpha Course and were really encouraged in their faith. And then we talked about running another for people they knew, and they felt they didn't want to invite people to church because they felt it might put them off. So I said well there is this teashop in the village, which I knew nothing about except I'd been there for tea and cakes sometimes, why don't we see if we can't run one there. So I called the place, Grannies, and so I ended up speaking to Louise Beaumont who owns Grannies, not knowing her at all, and explaining something about how I felt it would be good to run an Alpha Course in her teashop. And I asked her do you know about the Alpha Course and she said I do, I became a Christian through the Alpha Course and I'd be delighted for Grannies to be used in that way. I had no inkling that that was going to be the case at all. And so began running an Alpha Course at Grannies which has developed now into church at Grannies – Fellowship@Grannies as we call it, on a Thursday evening.

Louise Beaumont: My name's Louise Beaumont and I'm the owner of Grannies. We have anywhere between twelve and twenty people come on a Thursday evening and we have worship and we study the Bible and we pray together and it's a really lovely group, really nice people.

Male voice 1: My name is Jack. It started as Alpha and I was invited to come down and I found good fellowship, good neighbours, and I got a lot of help because my wife had just died, and I've been coming ever since.

Female voice 1: My name's Jane, and my daughter said Mum, you've got a lot of questions about the Bible and about God, if you want some answers go along to an Alpha group. And because I live in Cotgrave that's what I decided to do, and I dragged my husband's brother with me as well because I didn't want to come on my own, but he likes it now as well. It's the people, and they're all so nice, so supporting and they're always there for you. And if you're not well or anything like that they ring you up and see if you're alright, and they'll pray for you at the meetings, and when you come back they're all so pleased to see you, everybody just makes such a fuss, it's wonderful, it's like a family. And that's what I like.

Introducer: Fellowship@Grannies has continued to meet weekly since 2002 and is continuing this autumn, and is still running Alpha Courses too. Andy Fyall emailed to say he hoped this would continue to give an opportunity for more people to discuss, and he hops and prays discover, a living faith.

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