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Tuesday, 1 February, 2011

Sue Sherriff, vicar of Tadcaster, discusses Divine Divas.

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Introducer: In the brewery town of Tadcaster, a new group for women has been formed. Now don't imagine Jam and Jerusalem – or even tea and cake. Instead this group are more likely to be found indulging in the odd samosa or learning how to dance Bollywood style. Sue Sherriff, the vicar of Tadcaster, formed Divine Divas when she realised her friends who weren't Christians showed little interest in conventional church.

Sue Sherriff: One night we went to a friend's house for a party. She had won a hot tube for the weekend in a raffle and there was a good mixture of women there, all who knew each other. Some were from church and some weren't. And although together we had the most wonderful night, we didn't necessarily feel we could sort of invite them to church, and that's how Divine Divas was born.

We wanted to be very open and honest about the fact that there was the church element there, we didn't want to get people there under false pretences. So we decided on our theme and then we thought well it would be good for them to see that actually Christians haven't got two heads and that there are sort of vibrant women, plus because we're a lively group of women ourselves, we had paid a lot of attention to party details. So as soon as people walked in it had the 'aah' factor. We'd carefully arranged candles in glasses and the whole sort of ambience was set.

Female voice 1: All the events we've held so far have had some kind of Christian perspective or relating Christianity to some of the ideas we've had. And we've had guest speakers that have been inspirational speakers and also some have given their own testimonies.

Female voice 2: Now there's lots of people that come to like the Divine Divas events that don't come to church, but enjoy it and also enjoy the kind of spiritual side to it.

Female voice 3: I mean obviously we would want to go bigger and get more people involved and just know that it's sort of the main place to be!

Sue Sherriff: The next topic we chose to take on was Loose Women, and again it was because the television programme had that same kind of dynamic women we were looking at and the same kind of age group – and they were discussing topical issues. And I mean it's always been fascinating watching the programme, I mean they've discussed prayer and spiritual items several times. We thought well it would be interesting to see the Christian take on some of the subjects, because people do tend to think that as Christians we wouldn't talk about things like body image and sex and things that women do talk about all the time. So to have a panel of Christian women who were talking very openly about just every aspect of their life, we thought would really help people to engage.

I'm quite happy to leave it to God I think to allow it to grow. It's there somewhere in the back of my mind, but it's not my primary focus. This is relationship building and Jesus is just part of those relationships.

Introducer: The vicar of Tadcaster, Sue Sherrif, whose beginning to create church amongst her friends, the Divine Divas. And you can read more about them and what they get up to on the story section of our website.

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