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Monday, 4 November, 2013

Nick Warren updates the story of Boot Fair Church.

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Nick Warren: Just a few reflections on our first year at Boot Fair Church... I think there's unanimous agreement that this is something we want to come back to next year but it is seasonal by its very nature, so this will be our last Boot Fair for this season and we'll be looking to come back next May for another summer season of taking God out to people at Boot Fairs.

In some ways it's been, it's worked out in ways we thought that it would, in other ways it hasn't. What it certainly hasn't done is ended up with regular worship at Boot Fairs, a worship time as such, but we've prayed for so many people and many people come back each time for more prayer - and we've seen quite a lot of fruit from that and just from the many conversations that we have; just from giving away water and lollipops to people with God's love and giving away various Bible tracts and booklets.

My favourite story at the moment is a couple who came to us originally two months ago and the lady approached me and we got talking. I could tell she was worried about something and I asked her, and she'd found out she was suffering from cancer and was going through chemotherapy and was really worried for her and for her partner who had lived together for years. She was worried about him; she thought that they couldn't stop the cancer. They came back for prayer two weeks later and two weeks ago, they came back to let us know that she was feeling a lot better and off the chemo and decided that God was telling them that they should get married. They were wondering if we could marry them there at Boot Fair Church!

I had to explain that we weren't quite licensed to do that but it was great news and we invited them to St Helen's Church last Sunday, they turned up and they're now planning to get married and are going to that church on a regular basis. So, that's just one of the many stories that we've got from this year.

I think the other thing that's stood out to me is how we - the people involved in this ministry from the two main churches and one or two other people who've come in on this - how we've all grown through this ministry; how we've found that we're all able to take God out to people in a more and more confident way as the weeks have gone by and how we shouldn't be frightened of taking the Lord's love out to a world that, on the whole, doesn't know who He is.

Heather Porter Taylor, Car Boot Fair Church team member: I honestly believe that the people God wants us to reach out to are outside of church, so we at Boot Fair Church bring the church to them on a Sunday morning. Some of them, like me,  have been through things and it's easier and more comfortable and it's a better relaxed atmosphere for people to meet and talk rather than go to a service which - at the beginning of your Christian life - you might not understand, but just talking on a one-to-one with normal people at your level, in your language.

Tony Brook, Car Boot Fair Church team member: Now I'm reaching my latter years I feel I want to give something back and this is one way of doing it, giving me an opportunity to meet people in their environment, in a place where probably they would never be anywhere near a church, and so a Boot Sale really is a good place to start.

Nick Warren: When we first started out Boot Fair Church this season a number of people who came along from our two churches weren't sure how to start conversations off and asked if we could have something here that could help them. And, from that, we've developed a questionnaire with some very basic questions to ask people about both why they come to Boot Fair/how often they come, but also about some basic faith questions, as to whether they believed in God or not and other bits and pieces like that.

We've found that people were able to use that and grow in confidence, some people have carried on using the questionnaire and we've developed the questionnaire from their feedback. Others have gone on to talking to people without the use of it, it doesn't really matter at the end of the day, but it was a useful tool to use to help people in their evangelism.

From that as well, we also collected prayer requests and you can see a number of the ones from today on the post-it notes. What we do then is we take those back and I produce a prayer e-mail which goes out to everybody in the team following each boot fair so people can prayer into various situations that we've come across; whether they think we're praying for faith things or we're praying for healing or whatever. It means we've got a team then of over 20 people praying into each prayer request. I have to say, people have been so welcoming, the whole team is just looking forward to coming back and doing this all over again and seeing more fruit next year.

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I would like to know the know the benefits of it. To the community, how you carry out the sacraments and if you can help me how you keep the register and records.
I am asking because I am interested.

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