3.08 @ Kingshill, Nailsea - update Sep10

Wednesday, 22 September, 2010

Steve Tilley share the three mistakes they may have made - and the lessons they have learnt from them - in starting 3.08 @ Kingshill.

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Steve Tilley: One of the interesting things about asking people if times of worship are convenient for them, is that you can't make an immediate jump then to the fact that if you put on an act of worship at a time that's more convenient, they will necessarily come. They're simply telling you that the times of worship are inconvenient, not that they would like to go on some other occasion. I think we might have jumped to that conclusion a little too quickly.

I think we might have spent too little time investigating what people do, what people want, building relationships and making friendships with people, and assumed that a different sort of act of worship would have a draw in its own right, and I suspect that we used the act of worship to build community, rather than building community to develop into an act of worship. So I suspect that that was a mistake.

I suspect that we didn't spend long enough as a team sitting down and thinking and praying and talking about what our vision for the project was and how we might see it, so I don't think we took into it a willingness to tweak it and adapt it as we went along, I think when we started in September 2007 we were committed to doing the same thing twelve times, and maybe with hindsight we should have said every month we might come up with something different if it's not meeting the perceived need.

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