Seminar pack: Fresh expressions for city dwellers

Seminar pack: Fresh expressions for city dwellers - cover

Written by Ben Edson, leader of Manchester’s Sanctus 1, this seminar pack explores urban expressions for city dwellers, focussing on fresh expressions of church for the new urbanites, those young adults who are repopulating our city centres. (It does not exploring the inner city or the suburbs).

The pack helps participants to:

  • explore attitudes to the city;
  • experience worship in the style of a fresh expression for city dwellers;
  • study a fresh expression that engages with city dwellers;
  • discover local examples or local opportunities.

The material will especially appeal to those of a creative disposition and includes poems and a creative prayer exercise.

Ideal for use in small- to medium-sized church meetings, vision day seminar packs explore specific key issues and various genres of fresh expressions.

Other materials will be required to present the material including a copy of expressions: the dvd - 1: stories of church for a changing culture.

Ben Edson
Fresh Expressions, 2008

This is a downloadable pack including a PowerPoint presentation with accompanying PDF presenters' guide and resources handout.

List Price: £5.00
Price: £5.00