The Future of the Parish System: Shaping the Church of England for the 21st Century

The Future of the Parish System - cover

This timely, multi-faceted book by a collection of leading thinkers and practitioners provides church leaders with the resources to re-imagine church and ministry in the twenty-first century.

Looking at traditional forms of church and at fresh expressions, this wide-ranging book offers invaluable historical, psychological, sociological and theological perspectives on the parish system.

It outlines the challenges facing the Church, presents suggestions for areas for development, and sets out principles for future growth.

Edited by Steven Croft, the contributors are Graham Cray, Steven Croft, Ian Cundy, Grace Davie, Robin Gamble, George Lings, Ann Morisy, Michael Moynagh, Martyn Percy, John Rees, Sara Savage and Archbishop Rowan Williams.

Steven Croft (ed.)
CHP, 2006
List Price: £12.99
Price: £12.99