Pioneering a New Future: a guide to shaping change and changing the shape of church

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Is your church considering change or working through change?

In this revised edition of The Challenge of Change, Phil Potter explains ways of shaping change of any kind in the life of a church and presents a guide to understanding the changing shape of church, with particular reference to the fresh expressions of church which are now prevalent across the UK and beyond.

Phil uses his experiences of leading congregations through transition periods, drawing on his own mistakes and personal stories as examples to illustrate his points. He speaks to the concerns of reluctant traditionalists and impatient visionaries, to both struggling and thriving congregations.

Pioneering a New Future is ideal for church leaders of any denomination wanting to take their congregations through change. It is also ideal for church members preparing to embark on a particular project, or simply wanting to be equipped for whatever lies ahead.

The book also includes questions for personal and group reflection.

Phil has done the church a service in writing this book. Drawing on his experience as a vicar who oversaw local renewal, as a practitioner, instigator and inspirer, he sets out his passion as Archbishop's Missioner and leader of Fresh Expressions. Phil has proved himself to be an effective change broker - and there is wisdom and insight here, practical guidelines and accessible advice. I hope, pray and trust this book will be a great stimulus and agent of change for many called to lead communities into transformation.
Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

Phil Potter has proved in his ministry that lasting change comes through clear, compelling values. His work on change draws on wide wisdom, real life and healthy, holy dissatisfaction.
George Lings, Church Army Research Team

An excellent guidebook for a congregation serious about change and mission.
Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield

This excellent book is the fruit of hard-won lessons in leadership and change. Whether you are involved in an inherited model of church, in fresh expressions of church, or in both, you will find help here.
Bishop Graham Cray

Phil Potter

208 pages

List Price: £7.99
Price: £7.99