Mission-shaped Questions: Defining issues for today's church

Mission-shaped Questions - cover

Mission-shaped Questions follows a nationwide tour of England by the Fresh Expressions team, raising common but complex questions about the nature of mission in 21st century Britain.

Addressing big theological and practical issues, the various chapters reflect lectures given by a wide range of academics, professionals, priests and educators, from just about every tradition.

Mission-shaped Questions tackles questions such as:

  • What exactly is church?
  • What is the role of sacramental ministry in fresh expressions?
  • What sort of theological and scriptural justification is there for a mixed economy Church?
  • Can we develop churches that can transform culture?
  • What sort of questions does a Catholic approach to the Church pose for fresh expressions?
  • Can we be mission-shaped and kingdom focused too?

Edited by former Archbishops' Missioner, Steven Croft, the book will be equally attractive to both individuals and groups and particularly to those who are willing to take risks for the sake of the Church's growth.

If we are to grow and mature as a mixed economy Church, there are hard questions to be asked and answered. We need first-class thinking to back up and support all that is happening at local level. I hope this collection will get the attention it richly deserves.
Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

Contributors and chapters

  1. Steven Croft: Fresh Expressions in a mixed economy Church: a perspective
  2. Martyn Atkins: What is the essence of the Church?
  3. Lindsay Urwin: What is the role of sacramental ministry in fresh expressions of church?
  4. Tim Dakin: What is the heart of a global perspective on the Church?
  5. James D G Dunn: Is there evidence for fresh expressions of church in the New Testament?
  6. Graham Tomlin: Can we develop churches that can transform culture?
  7. Angela Tilby: What questions does Catholic ecclesiology pose for contemporary mission and fresh expressions?
  8. John Drane: What does maturity in the emerging Church look like?
  9. David Wilkinson: What are the lessons from evangelism and apologetics for new communities?
  10. John M Hull: Mission-shaped and kingdom focused?
  11. Loveday Alexander: What patterns of church and mission are found in the Acts of the Apostles?
  12. Alison Morgan: What does the gift of the Spirit mean for the shape of the Church?
  13. Lynda Barley: Can fresh expressions of church make a difference?
  14. Martin Warner: How does a mixed economy Church connect with contemporary spirituality?
  15. Steven Croft: Mapping ecclesiology for a mixed economy
Steven Croft (ed.)
CHP, 2008
List Price: £14.99
Price: £14.99