Mission-shaped Church: Church planting and fresh expressions of church in a changing context

Mission-shaped Church - cover

Society in Britain has changed dramatically in the last 30 years, especially in terms of our understanding of community and how we relate to one another. One of the responses of the Church has been to plant new churches and create fresh expressions of church; churches that relate to our changing context.

This detailed, practical and well-researched book:

  • gives an overview of recent developments in church planting;
  • describes varied and exciting 'fresh expressions' of church;
  • offers practical help and advice;
  • looks candidly at where lessons can be learned;
  • proposes a framework and methodology for good, effective church planting;
  • includes recommendations to make possible the visions of a vibrant future Church.

Each chapter has a set of questions and challenges to help local parish churches engage with the issues.

With a foreword by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, Mission-shaped Church is a crucial tool for all who care about God's mission today.

Graham Cray et al
CHP, 2004
List Price: £10.95
Price: £10.95