expressions: the dvd - 2: changing church in every place

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A DVD of stories and discussion starters from fresh expressions around the country.

Fresh expressions are flourishing in all types of places... where you live, worship and work. All over the country Christians are beginning new initiatives to connect with those who are currently outside church.

Presented by Diane Louise Jordan, this DVD focuses on four specific areas where fresh expressions of church are breaking new ground. Each film looks at fresh expressions with a distinct focus: work and leisure, rural, sacramental and youth.

Also on the DVD, there are six discussion starters. These feature experienced contributors, who will help you and your team unpack your thinking about contemporary mission and fresh expressions of church.

I'm colossally encouraged by the amount of activity that there seems to be around the church at the moment. This DVD tells part of this new story: I hope you will watch it, give thanks to God and get involved!
Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, 2003-2012

  1. Work, rest and play (Riverforce, Tubestation, Re:Fresh)
    Additional material: transcript of chapter 1
  2. A new harvest? (Tolland, The Gathering, The Warham Trust, Tas Valley)
    Additional material: transcript of chapter 2
  3. The Lord is here (Moot, Goth Eucharist, Contemplative Fire)
  4. Generate (Adrenalin, Essex primary school, Prezence, Blackburn Schools, Side Door)
    Additional material: transcript of chapter 4
  5. Discussion starter: being mission-shaped
    Additional material: transcript of chapters 5-9
    Additional material: discussion notes for chapters 1-9
  6. Discussion starter: listening for mission
  7. Discussion starter: starting a fresh expression
  8. Discussion starter: sustaining fresh expressions
  9. Discussion starter: discipleship
  10. The allotment - a short story

You can also purchase each of the ten chapters as a downloadable video clip (£2 for each discussion starter, £3 for the four main features) using the links to the right.

Additional material

Discussion notes to accompany the different sections are available to download above. You can also download transcripts of each chapter.

The discussions are ideal for using in a small group or by individuals after watching each sequence on the DVD. You could spend an evening on each of the four longer sequences (1-4) which last about 20 minutes each. You could probably cover a couple of the shorter sequences (5-9) in an evening - they last about 5-6 minutes each.

There are no notes for the modern parable, The Allotment (10). Simply watch this and share what God seems to be saying to you through it.

I've practically worn out the first expressions DVD, I’ve used it so much! These new, powerful and inspiring stories reflect that, whatever your context, with God ordinary folk really can do extraordinary things. Go for it – you CAN do it!
Sally Thornton, Methodist Local Preacher and Fresh Expressions Associate Missioner

Norman Ivison
CHP, 2007

Subtitles: English
Audio: English
Running time: 108 mins approx.
All regions/PAL

List Price: £14.99
Price: £14.99