expressions: the dvd - 1: stories of church for a changing culture

expressions: the dvd - 1 - cover

A DVD of stories of fresh expressions of church from around the country.

Skater church... Cell church... Messy church... All over the country Christians are beginning new initiatives to connect with those who are currently outside church.

Presented by well-known Songs of Praise presenter Diane-Louise Jordan and produced by the Fresh Expressions team, this 75 minute DVD tells 14 engaging and informative stories of these fresh expressions and describes some of the lessons learned so far.

An excellent training tool for those interested in setting up or understanding more about Fresh Expressions. Be inspired!

  1. Stories of church (half-hour feature)
  2. Legaxy XS
  3. Taste and See
  4. Sunday 4:6
  5. Sanctuary
  6. Nightshift
  7. New Horizons
  8. Somewhere Else
  9. B1
  10. Messy Church
  11. The Living Room
  12. Sanctus1
  13. The Bridge
  14. Cable Street
  15. Mind the Gap

You can also purchase each of the 15 chapters as a downloadable video clip (£2 for each short story, £3 for the main half hour feature) using the links above.

Norman Ivison
CHP, 2006
List Price: £14.99
Price: £14.99