Church for Every Context: An Introduction to Theology and Practice

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Fresh expressions of Church are one of the most important developments within the contemporary church. There has been - and continues to be - much learning about how to plant fresh expressions of church in contemporary culture and about theological resources to support this. This is the first textbook that reflects this learning.

Church for Every Context, written by Michael Moynagh, addresses the theology and methodology of fresh expressions and church planting. Topics include ecclesiology, fresh expressions in the New Testament, social forces behind fresh expressions today, theologies to underpin fresh expressions, how fresh expressions develop, the missional dynamics involved, discipleship, worship and how fresh expressions can be sustained and supported.

Michael Moynagh has written an indispensable book on contextual church planting and renewal. We have needed a book like this for some time now - a historical, theological, and sociological guide to new expressions of faith within Western culture. This is not a 'how-to' book on church renewal and planting techniques - anything but. Moynagh does so much more than play with church forms and encourage consumer analysis. Moynagh's approach to new expressions of church is theologically rich and missiologically astute, revealing a systematic way to think about church in a post-Christendom context. I plan to use this book as a core reference text in my seminary church planting course this Fall. Highly recommended.
Dr Ryan K. Bolger, PhD, Associate Professor, Church in Contemporary Culture, Fuller Theological Seminary

Michael Moynagh
SCM Press, 2012

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