changing church for a changing world

changing church for a changing world - cover

This book describes some of the exciting fresh ways of being church which are emerging in a Methodist context in Britain. We live in a fast changing world in which the Church seems to be less and less relevant, but God is always in the business of doing new things. Alongside the stories there is material suitable for study groups and personal enquiry. There are also three major articles to take you further into the subject and contributions from a variety of fresh expressions practitioners.

changing church for a changing world is co-written by Pete Pillinger and Andrew Roberts, both Methodist ministers working as part of the Fresh Expressions core team. There are additional contributions from Martyn Atkins, Tom Stuckey, Martin Wellings and others.

Although the book was expanded and revised from a report written for Methodist Conference 2007, it contains much about fresh expressions in a wider context and setting than just Methodism.

Pete Pillinger, Andrew Roberts
MPH, 2007
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