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Fresh expressions in the Church of England research

The Church Army's Research Unit has conducted a major piece of research into fresh expressions of church in ten dioceses of the Church of England, as part of the Church Growth Research Programme. It is also now working on a second ten dioceses as a followup to the original research.

You can find full details of the first piece of research on our fresh expressions in the Church of England research page, you can watch a video introducing the research, or you can download the report:

The individual reports from the dioceses included in the research are also published individually [Church Army's Research Unit]:

  1. Liverpool Diocese, March 2012 - updated May 2013
  2. Canterbury Diocese, June 2012 - updated February 2013
  3. Leicester Diocese, October 2012 - updated March 2013
  4. Derby Diocese, December 2012
  5. Chelmsford Diocese, February 2013
  6. Norwich Diocese, April 2013
  7. Ripon & Leeds Diocese, July 2013
  8. Blackburn Diocese, October 2013
  9. Bristol Diocese, December 2013
  10. Portsmouth diocese, December 2013
  11. Gloucester diocese, January 2014
  12. Exeter diocese, July 2014
  13. Ely Diocese, October 2014
  14. Southwark Diocese, January 2015
  15. Guildford Diocese, March 2015
  16. Carlisle Diocese, May 2015
  17. London Diocese, September 2015
  18. Birmingham Diocese, October 2015
  19. Sheffield Diocese, January 2016

Denominational statistics

Most denominations have only limited statistics on fresh expressions of church, as part of their overall statistics.

Church of England statistics department (including fresh expressions 2010 PowerPoint)

Methodist statistics for mission (including limited information about fresh expressions of church)

URC statistics

The Salvation Army statistics

Office for National Statistics: 2011 Census, Religious Data

Theological research and documents

The Sheffield Centre maintains SCOLER (Sheffield Centre Online Library of Evangelism Research) which makes available free research papers on evangelism and fresh expressions of church.

You can also search for 'Fresh Expressions of Church' on Google Scholar.



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