Do you know anything about the Church of England?

Thursday, 24 October, 2013

We hit the streets to find out what people on the streets know about the Church of England. Filmed in Preston in 2011.

You can also find out what people know about the Methodist Church.

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Do you know anything about the Church of England?

Female voice 1: The Church of England? No, not really, no.

Female voice 2: I don't, because I don't attend.

Male voice 1: Er nothing really [laughs].

Female voice 3: I used to go to guides there.

Female voices 4 and 5: The Church of England? I really don't. The Church of England as in where the Archbishop of Canterbury is? Who is the Archbishop of Canterbury?

Male voice 2: They pray and stuff. They do mass. I think.

Female voice 6: Just that they have a cross. And bibles.

Female voice 7: They do readings – bible readings – and sing songs and things like that.

Female voice 8: They don't believe in Mary do they. They don't have the mass, they have communion. I do know that.

Male voice 3: It was set up by Henry VIII,

Female voice 9: The Anglican Church is represented in the House of Lords

Female voice 10: It's the queen's church, init.

Male voice 4: The queen is the head of the Church of England and the rules have been changed over the years.

Male voice 3: It's a worldwide organisation.

Female voice 9: The Anglican Church has bishops.

Female voice 11: Church of England means a very weak Christian, it's kind of a bit of a cop-out.

Female voices 12 and 13: There's not as many people going to church as they did years ago.

Female voice 9: I think they try very hard and they do some really good stuff.

Female voices 12 and 13: No, they're going out of business.

Female voice 9: I think both the Anglican Church and the Methodist Church do an enormous amount of good work.

Female voices 12 and 13: They're going out, definitely. They're definitely going out, yes.


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