Do you know anything about the Methodist Church?

Thursday, 24 October, 2013

We hit the streets to find out what people on the streets know about the Methodist Church. Filmed in Preston in 2011.

You can also find out what people know about the Church of England.

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Do you know anything about the Methodist Church?

Female voice 3: I've heard of it, yeah, but I don't really know much about it.

Male voice 5: I don't know a single thing about the Methodists.

Male voice 6: Isn't that just a normal church?

Male voice 7 and Female voice 1: No, nothing. No. I'm sounding really ignorant now. I know, I am, but I don't really know.

Male voice 8: Yeah, I've heard of that. I don't know what it is though. RE teacher said it one lesson.

Female voice 10: Well I've a few friends that go to the Methodist Church but not all that… [I don't] know a lot about it.

Female voices 4 and 5: No, I don't know anything about the Methodist Church. I know there is a Methodist church. I'm not religious. No, I'm not religious at all.

Female voice 8: I know they used to have Sunday Schools. Whether they still have it or not I don't know.

Male voice 9: My brother-in-law Derek, staunch Methodist, does an awful lot for the Methodist Church. Nothing wrong with them.

Male voice 10: When I had to go to church it was a Methodist school and church and that's it really.

Female voice 14: They're quite strict.

Male voice 9: They're very strict on certain things, much more strict I think than other churches, particularly on drink and things like that.

Male voice 3: Obviously Charles Wesley was the founder of the Methodists.

Female voice 9: The Anglican Church is the Tory party at prayer and the Methodist Church is more based in the working class, at least it used to be.

Female voice 6: They get that wine don't they, wine and bread, that's the one.

Female voice 9: Wesley broke away from the Anglican Church didn't he.

Male voice 3: Great guy.

Male voice 4: I've heard of it, but again these are all… stem from the same… the Old Testament.

Female voice 9: [The] British Methodist Church don't have any bishops, but they have bishops in America.

Male voice 3: I know it's quite a broad organisation.

Female voice 15: The Methodist Church I enjoyed very much as a youngster because it was all singing and bible stories and it was interesting, whereas I found the Church of England was more formal.

Male voice 11: They seem to help people and got more to say and take more action to help the poor.

Female voice 11: I know about those only through we used to do voluntary work for Fairtrade and I know they were very generous.


Perhaps the question we should be asking people is what do you know about Jesus?

I agree wholeheartedly. But maybe that would be a step too far for FX?

Really interesting. Some positive & negative for both. How do we get away from the "strict" image of Methodism?? People have positive associations though with social action, fair trade & lively, interesting services - which is great.

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