msm video diary - part one

Monday, 25 March, 2013

Nick Warren of St Helen's Church, Hastings, launches his monthly mission shaped ministry video diary to give updates on how the course is helping him to develop a 'Car Boot Fair Church'.

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Nick Warren: I'm Nick Warren, I go to St Helen's Church in Hastings. Last year my wife and I travelled in from a village outside Hastings every Sunday to see streams of people going out to car boot fairs and we were praying about how we could get these people to come to church and then all of a sudden God put it on our hearts that we should be going doing what Jesus would do and going to them and so we started last year right at the end of the year Car Boot Church. I wanted to come on this course and was encouraged to come on this course by my rector, just to look at how we take that idea, how we develop and how we can use that idea to introduce people to Jesus Christ – because it's all very well just going along and showing love to people but what we really want to do is get them to know the living God at the end of the day.

We felt that we were being called to do it, we went in and we were offering prayer to people and we were offering free water and we were offering some bibles to people as well. But we weren't really sure how to develop it from there. One of the big things that came out to me today was the word community – it's about building up a regular presence, building up trust so that people will see you as regularly part of that and expect you to be there and it's somewhere that they will then feel comfortable to come along and spend time opening up their hearts and learning about God at the same time.

The first day's been great, we spent the first day looking at core values – absolute values and relative values and how we related what we're doing to the community that we're looking to serve out there. It's been a long day but it's been some great ideas and we're going to be going home tonight with my head buzzing full of things to think about and pray about, so hopefully that gives you an idea of what today's been about and if you've not done the course, do it – it's fantastic.

The course was partly paid for… four fifths of it were paid for by a grant from the Diocese of Chichester which has been great and they've been very supportive about not just me, but other people from local churches coming on this course so it's well worth while if you're looking to do this to look around and see what grant support is available, because it is out there.

It's partly about just taking that time out of a busy life to share with other people and to pray about and to think about where you're going. It's all very well coming in with a… 'I've got a great idea of how to take God, how to take Jesus out to people', but at the end of the day you need to be very careful how you're doing it, you need to look at why you're doing it and how you do it in order to ensure that what you're doing has integrity at the end of the day, and to ensure that what you're doing is attractional to those people that you're looking to serve, because sometimes we think we know what's best for other people and we haven't looked deeply enough into it. And I think that the first day's been very much about that – that I need to, and those that are working with me on this, we need to go away and think about the people that we're going to outreach to and how we do that. Certainly for the first day I've got a lot to take away and think about. 


I think this video is a brilliant idea!I value Rick's story - I feel I want to go down to the boot fair and see how a faith community is coming to birth there. Trying to 'imagine' is hard when something's not familiar so I'm looking forward to the next post already!
My prayers will be with you Rick

Love the use of video to make your story available. Great initiative and nice work. You may want to think about tightening up the edit and aiming for less than 90 secs or two minutes.

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