msm video diary - part four

Monday, 17 June, 2013

Nick Warren continues his monthly msm video diary as he reflects further on the course weekend away: on strategies, people of peace, worship and two-ton bridges.

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Nick Warren: We're now in Sunday but I need to just take you back to our last session yesterday which was we were looking at strategies for evangelism yesterday, it's obviously a very important part if we're going to do fresh expressions of church then at the end of the day it must be about bringing people to Christ. And so evangelism is a central part and we were looking at how and why this was so important to us. We looked at various options that we can use for evangelism but we also looked at the need, if it's not working, the need to dust our feet off and move on.

We then went on to look at eight principles of evangelism which was a great model. In particular to me the thing that stood out from that and the thing I'm going to take away is the need to seek out what they call the person of peace. And I think whether you're talking about evangelism or, wider than that, the whole of a fresh expression, I think seeking a person of peace to work with, to bring into that, that you're going to bring into that fresh expression is going to be central if it's going to work in the way that God will want it to work.

We then came back together today and we looked at worship in relation to fresh expressions of church. And obviously where worship will fit in to the model that you're working with will depend on very much where that model is. We looked at something called the Engel scale which looks at where people are in relation to their faith life and it looks these days at the fact that some people have just got no concept, no knowledge of God at all and are sort of, on this scale they're actually a big minus figure rather than just at zero. And therefore with something like Boot Fair Church for instance I was very much challenged having come into the setting thinking yes, we must in some way build worship into it, very much challenged as to how we do that and whether we in fact do that at all to begin with, with people who are so far down on that scale that we need to be moving them forward gently.

There was a suggestion put forward regarding something called the two-tonne bridge – that if you've got a ten-tonne load to get across a two-tonne bridge, you take it across two tonnes at a time, not in one ten-tonne lot, otherwise the whole things comes crashing down and I think I came to realise that I need to go back and talk to the people that are coming together to put this together as to how we build in worship and if we do, how we do so gently and gradually.

One of the important things here was the way we break up in the sessions into small discussion groups and I was with the… what changed me here was the fact that I was very much challenged by the two other people in the group as to whether we should come straight into Boot Fair Church with, say, half-hourly or hourly worship slots – if you're dealing with people on a very low basis of knowledge of God, then maybe we shouldn't be doing that at all and I've come away with lots to think about and certainly not in the same place that I was with that beforehand. Don't know the answer yet to it, I shall be praying big time about this over the next few weeks but I think that God again is moving us on in the right direction.


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