msm video diary - part five

Friday, 5 July, 2013

Nick Warren continues his monthly msm video diary as he reflects on discipleship, engaging with the community and listening for mission - and how they inform the development of boot fair church.

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Nick Warren: This time we've been looking at discipleship first of all and I think the big learning for me on this was to think about not so much something that's been very much on my mind already – Is the Boot Fair Church, as a means of discipleship for all of us who are working as part of the time – but not losing site of the fact that it needs to be about discipleship for the people we're meeting as well, even though they may be – if you measure it on the Engel scale – at a very low level of minus ten or something like that, we still need to see it as a whole-life matter for them and that it's the start for them of their own discipleship if Boot Fair Church is going to do what God will want to do for them through this ministry. So that's given me something to go away and think about.

We then, the next two session today were – I would have put them together because I think they very much came out the same things – it was engaging with the community and listening for mission. And it was very much looking at the needs of your community, understanding your community and how you do that – how you reach out to a community that you're getting to know. And I think a lot of the session was talking about doing pre-research but I came to realise that we were in a situation where God was calling us into this ministry and yet a lot of the research we were going to have to do on the spot – we don't really know at this stage, until we get there, what it's going to be. So it's made me think about when we're doing Boot Fair Church that maybe we ought to be doing some sort of survey that we can bring back and look at about the people that we're seeing, what their needs are, why they're there and where they are in their own faith life so we can begin to understand the people that we're dealing with and then through that understanding we can respond to their needs in a better way and a more holistic way for them.


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