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Tuesday, 7 May, 2013

Roy Crowne explains why Hope is partnering with Fresh Expressions and why fresh expressions of church form part of Hope's vision as they build to 2014.

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Roy Crowne: 'Hope' really came out of Hope08 which was a partnership of Mike Pilavachi, Andy Hawthorne and Steve Clifford and as everything it flows out of relationship, so Hope is building towards 2014 and in that, we realise that the only way that Hope is going to achieve its goal is to partner with ministries and the local church. And so that's why we're thrilled to have a partnership with Fresh Expressions. 'Cos Fresh Expressions is seeking to find new models of church in communities and in their contexts. What we seek to do is to bring those churches together around the rhythm of mission that provides great opportunities within the community for them to do stuff together. And what we're saying is, when you do that, in this relationship that you've built as church leaders, you could be a catalyst that could really impact within those communities. Building on Street Pastors, building on food banks, building on all those things, but in the end we're not just about the social expression of the gospel, we're about communicating the gospel in a relevant way.

In the light of that, what we would love people to do is to say 'where I'm in relationship with people, they're going to come to where you're part of a worshipping community, part of your church. But if you step out of that, into a new area, then you may want to look at what you then do in that area to build a fresh church in a brand new way with those people and not bring them back, but keep them there and build a brand new expression of church. And fresh expressions could be a part of that. And that's why we would signpost to church leaders, the training that we're doing, the partnerships that we're building, and it's quite amazing - we now have 390 areas of the country that have a full-time person that is looking at building towards 2014.

There are models of this that are working, we can learn from that and we would love to see that happen as a part of Hope. We are committed to seeing this nation re-evangelised and if we can do it together, with all these pieces joining up, then that's what we're about.

And we've got to realise that we're all part of the family of God and where we come together, let's keep it, let's work at it and let's see a massive transformation in all those communities. And maybe, over 10 years, 20 years, we could see a town completely changed, with the Church, in all its expressions, right at the heart of the community.


Great to see Roy's enthusiasm for the partnership with Fresh Expressions. We are working on envisioning and training presentations for leaders of churches engaged with HOPE and are looking forward to presenting these at venues around the country in the autumn.

Andrew Roberts
Director of Training
Fresh Expressions

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