Colin Brown reflects on making mistakes

Monday, 21 November, 2011

Colin Brown reflects on making mistakes and God's place in them.

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Colin Brown: I've been here just over two year now and it still feels like early days. Recently I was discussing with my spiritual director the whole aspect of God's call to go, and she said perhaps you need to go forth and make mistakes.

Well, to be honest with you that's left me feeling quite anxious and perhaps even a bit fearful, because I don't know about you, but I'm the sort of person who likes to get things right. I don't like to make mistakes. But then I started to think ,well where is God when I do - when I do make mistakes? Is my image of God like a policeman in the sky looking down, waiting for me to mess up - perhaps even pointing a finger, correcting me when I get things wrong? I'd want to really say no to that, but I wonder whether, deep down, that image is within me. Perhaps picked up from my childhood, my adolescence, maybe even from the teachings of the church.

God, in my mistakes. Perhaps that's the good news? That God uses even our mistakes. I mean Moses, David, they committed murder. The disciples constantly got things wrong. And Paul says in Romans, doesn't he, that he is always doing what he doesn't want to do. But that God says to him, my grace is sufficient for you, and that my power is made perfect in weakness.

So where is God wanting to build his kingdom today, even through your mistake?


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