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In some ways the story of fresh expressions has been the best kept secret of the UK church. But increasingly Christians are beginning to start new types of congregations and communities for those normally well off the church's radar. Some of these fresh expressions of church are now well established but much more is just starting.

Fresh Expressions can provide the following for professional journalists, and radio/TV/web producers:

  • hi- and web-resolution stills
  • audio and video sequences in various formats
  • review copies of all our publications
  • stories and suggested pegs to hang them on

Media Pack - introductory information

Download our media pack which contains a full range of background information about fresh expressions of church and the Fresh Expressions organisation, including what is a fresh expression of church, stories and examples, media coverage, further reading and useful contacts.

Finding out more

Our latest stories can be found on our stories pages - they give a flavour of the variety and breadth of fresh expressions of church that are now in existence.

Keep up with our other news, article and information on our news and views pages.

You can also watch, listen to or read all of our video and audio material on our On demand pages. This can be a useful source of both ideas and video material. In addition, TV producers might want to look at our range of broadcast-quality DVDs.

You might like to find out more about us as an organisation.

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