Strategic hubs

Fresh Expressions strategic hubs are gatherings which draw together those who have a particular passion for, expertise in or responsibility for a particular topic or area as it relates to fresh expressions of church.

The meetings are places of mutual learning and challenge undergirded by a common commitment to ensure that fresh expressions of church grow in a healthy way.

We welcome suggestions or requests to join our strategic hubs, although we may not always be able to accommodate them.

Young adults hubs

Gatherings for organisations and individuals working with young adults to share knowledge, develop best practice and the pioneering of fresh expressions of church for young adults.

Visit the young adults hub website.

Rob Peabody


Theological educators

Draws together those involved in theological education and training for pioneers and pioneering.

Michael Volland and Dave Male


Rural hubs

Draw together practitioners and organisations working in a rural context.

Sally Gaze

Pete Atkins


Church of England

The Church of England has a pioneer archdeacons hub and a pioneer bishops hub. For more information, please contact Phil Potter on