How do fresh expressions develop?

'A fresh expressions journey' explained

From what we observe, we think that this journey will often be good practice. Not every fresh expression of church will develop in this way, but many do.

A fresh expressions journey

Many fresh expressions of church:

  • begin with a period of listening to God and to the people the missional team feels called to serve;
  • develop by building loving relationships and through acts of service;
  • create a sense of community in which evangelism can have its proper place;
  • provide opportunities for individuals to explore becoming followers of Christ;
  • encourage church to take shape around those entering faith.

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How to help people travel into faith

HandsThe big challenge is to help people travel through the four circles - through 'loving and serving' and 'building community' to 'exploring discipleship'. One or more of the following seem necessary:

Acts of kindness

Activities (hopefully involving the whole group) that reveal Christ's heart of love.

God talk

Sharing your faith naturally in everyday conversations and providing occasions that provoke people to think about Jesus.

Creative expressions of spirituality

Encouraging individuals to express their spiritual longings and understandings through painting, photography, poetry, pottery and other creative ways.

Missional worship

Opportunities for people who don't go to church to encounter Jesus through suitably flavoured tastes of worship.

The experience of healing

Whether through acts of Christian love, the prayers of believers, healing services or the ministry of healing, the experience of healing can make individuals more open to the reality of God.

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