About fresh expressions

Stepping stones

What exactly is meant by a fresh expression of church?

There are many misconceptions about the term. This section is an attempt to bring clarity and understanding. There are articles and selected case studies of different types of fresh expressions.

The section is split into seven topics:

These pages are very much our first thoughts on these subjects. We are not at all sure that we have got them right. In some cases we are flying a kite, trying out an idea to see whether it resonates with those who are pioneering new forms of church.

We don't want the Guide to reflect the opinions of a few, but to be the shared wisdom of the pioneer community as a whole. So please get in touch if you have comments, thoughts or wisdom to share. What have we left out? What do you disagree with? How far does what we have written connect with your experience? Your comment could be a great help to other users of the Guide.