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fresh expression of church

A form of church for our changing culture, established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church. This definition is expanded and unpacked on the What is a fresh expression page.

Fresh Expressions

A team of people charged with supporting, encouraging and enabling fresh expressions of church. Find out more about us.

Fresh Expressions Associates

A group of fresh expressions pioneers, practitioners and champions who help to deliver Fresh Expressions training and events nationwide. You can meet them on our associates page.

FEAST (fresh expressions area strategy team)

A group of key individuals (pioneers, permission-givers and champions) drawn together to encourage and support fresh expressions of church across a wider area. Get involved on the FEAST pages.


Roughly, we use missional to mean that a fresh expression exists primarily to serve those outside the church - to engage non-Christians rather than Christians.

The Wikipedia article on missional living includes some useful background information, whilst Paul Roberts' article 'What is 'missional'? includes another perspective.

Mission-shaped Church

The 2004 report to the Church of England which introduced the concept of fresh expressions of church. You can buy the report online at our Mission-shaped church page.

mission shaped congregations

An interactive DVD-ROM to help you plan a mission-shaped Sunday worship service introducing fresh expressions of church and mission-shaped thinking. Find out more or order online from the mission shaped congregations page.

mission shaped intro (msi)

A six-week multimedia- and story-based course introducing fresh expressions and mission-shaped thinking. Find out more or download the course for free on the mission shaped intro pages.

mission shaped ministry (msm)

A one-year training course equipping you for a lifetime of good practice and learning in growing fresh expressions of church. More information and details of your local course on the mission shaped ministry pages.

Mixed economy

A term coined by the Archbishop of Canterbury to describe the way in which fresh expressions of church and more conventional expressions, such as traditional or 'inherited' church, can work side by side in regional or area grouping of churches. The assumption is that they will support one another, be equal partners in mission and respect each other's distinctiveness.

Pioneer ministry

A category of ministry in the major denominations allowing candidates to train for ministry in a pioneering context. More denomination-specific information and details of training on the pioneer ministry pages.

The Guide

The Guide is for all involved with fresh expressions of church - practitioners, people in training, encouragers, supporters and researchers. It is a comprehensive online guide to starting and sustaining a fresh expression of church.

vision days

Nationwide days introducing mission-shaped thinking and fresh expressions of church. Find your local day on the vision day pages.


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