Leicestershire FEAST

About the FEAST

The starting point for this FEAST was a meeting of minds at the Changing the landscape: Fresh Expressions and the Long Term Conference at Lincolnshire Showground in March 2010. A mission shaped ministry course already existed in the county and our intention was to further promote strategic thinking in Leicestershire in the development of new ways of being church. We have involvement from Anglican, Methodist, URC and new monastic community representatives and continue to encourage involvement from Baptists, Congregationalists, Salvationists and those of other traditions.

A key early aim was to map the location and type of fresh expressions of church in our area. From this (never ending!) exercise has developed a number of fellowship and support networks, run by practitioners. So far, Messy Church, café church and new monastic groups have been established.

We have also run a number of very successful training days, supported the development of a joint Anglican/Methodist Lay Pioneer recognition scheme for the county, and continued with an ever growing msm programme. We are currently strengthening links with Monos, a new monastic community in Coalville, with the view to supporting the development of a centre for the study of new monastic spirituality.


Tim Woolley