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The Side Door Youth and Community Church attracts more than 150 people - aged between 4 and 95 - every week. Elaine Watkinson explains.

Irve Davis-Griffiths, youth minister at Uplyme Church, near Lyme Regis, tells of the Mighty Shed youth and creative fresh expression project.

Fresh expressions reflect a multiplication approach to church growth rather than addition.

We have started our fresh expression; now how can we sustain it?

This section explores starting and growing a fresh expression of church - how to start, what to start, how to get support, how to navigate uncharted waters, how to grow something sustainable and how to be a great team.

This page explores how to grow a sustainable fresh expression of church - the definition of sustainability, sustaining pioneers, sizing to fit the context, simple church, transitioning from first to second generation leaders, managing other transitions, keeping the venture fresh and identifying fruitfulness.

Sustaing a fresh expressions: intention.

Sustaining a fresh expression: graduality.

Sustaining a fresh expressions: simplicity.

Sustaining a fresh expressions: shared leadership.