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Beer and a singalong helped to launch Leicester-based Presence as a Bishop's Mission Order, Revd David Cundill brings us up to date.

Holy Space is an after-school church for all ages.

Richard White traces the story of Dream.

Revd Nicholas Vesey explains how Norwich Christian Meditation Centre has given rise to a church community.

David Barker, former fresh expressions enabler in the West Yorkshire District, discusses Bare Soul, church in a bar.

This page looks in more detail at 'loving and serving' in the fresh expressions journey. Why is this a fruitful starting point for a fresh expression of church? What might it involve? Should fresh expressions never start with worship?

Discipleship starts where people are - it should take seriously people's spiritual experiences, it start with the questions they are asking, take account of differences in personality, take place within believers' culture, take place where people physically live their lives and be side-by-side rather than top-down or bottom-up.

Discipleship transforms the whole of life - the focus of discipleship is training which puts transformation at the heart of discipleship. Transformation involves a journey to holiness, which entails dying to live and requires a journey to the inner heart.

Why do fresh expressions matter? They are part of God's call to mission, society is changing, people have spiritual longings, Christendom is declining or gone and fresh expressions make strategic sense.

Interest in spirituality, church and new forms of church.