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Methodist pioneering minister Joy Adams explains how her fresh expression of church began life in a butchers shop in the local bus station.

A fresh expression of church for clubbers in Cardiff.

Steve Jones, Pioneer Team Co-ordinator, tells us about 'a bit of an adventure' in Devon.

David Bird describes how Street Church works with vulnerable and homeless people in Northampton.

A group of Sheffield Christians create church for those who find most Christian gatherings too slick and professional.

Refresh, a fresh expression of church in the Scottish Borders, has grown out of the Church Army's Grafted project. Paul Little tells the story.

The Junction, drawn from the work of Hexthorpe Methodist Church, has much to celebrate but it faces many challenges too. Donald Reasbeck explains.

Nikki Foster-Kruczek explains how members of SOURCE, in the Hythe area of Colchester, spend a lot of their time in the area's pubs, bars, coffee shops and cafes.

Revd Richard Higginbottom, outlines Tulloch NET's development and future plans in north west Perth.

Kim Hartshorne tells how a cup of tea and chat led to a world of opportunities for Hope Cirencester when they opened The Upper Room in 2008.