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A fresh expression of church in Perth, Ontario, is attracting young skateboarders to blend skating culture with Christianity.

Andy Milne explains how Sorted moved beyond the skateboard to form church.

Mark Broomhead used to lead a fresh expression of church called Sanctum at the St Barnabas Centre in Danesmoor. What will he be doing next?

Mark Broomhead outlines his hopes for the The Gates, a new fresh expression of church for those who feel like the 'black sheep' of society.

Legacy XS offers, among other things, indoor and outdoor skate parks, a recording studio, arts suite… and a youth congregation. Leader Pete Hillman gives the lowdown on its work in Essex.

A former warehouse in Wimborne is set to open as a community centre, café and skatepark in March 2014. Project director Andy Putt tells of the story so far.