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The story of a failing parish church in Tolland appeared on expressions: the dvd - 1: changing church in every place. Read this update.

Ian Mobsby talks to Rona Orme, Children's Missioner for the Diocese of Peterborough, about the beginnings of a fresh expression in a new-build area of Northamptonshire.

Pioneering Baptist minister, Simon Goddard, explains how RE:NEW grew in rural Cambridgeshire.

Klynn and Susan Alibocus discuss setting up a fresh expression of church in an affluent 'commuter' village.

A church community on a former US air base turned housing estate has separate age-related congregations.

Peter Irwin-Clark explains how Malshanger House, just West of Basingstoke, has opened the doors of its clubhouse for the Warham Trust.

In the Tas Valley Team Ministry, there are six traditional parish churches and a cell church comprising six adult cell churches and a youth cell. Sally Gaze explains.

Liz Childs tells how the vision of something fresh and new for young people has developed into Gainsborough Café Church.

Examples of rural fresh expressions of church and resources for those in a rural context.

Rural fresh expressions: examples, types, things to bear in mind and resources.