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Richard Moy, ordained pioneer minister explains how church is forming amongst those who have never been involved before, through Wolverhampton Pioneer Ministries.

Known and loved by many as a tourist hotspot on the Dorset coast, Poole is also home to missional community Reconnect.

Candles, quiet drumming, chanting, anointing with oil, breaking of bread and sharing of wine, food and sacred story - this is Contemplative Fire.

Revd Sam Foster, fresh expressions pioneer missioner for the Scarborough Deanery, explains why they have numerous projects under way.

Mark Carey explores what it means for Kairos to be the subject of the latest Bishop's Mission Order.

Discipleship may involve rethinking worship, learning and spiritual practices - worship may be different to inherited church, it should be practical, fresh exrpessions should encourage healthy spiritual practices and all this should be nourished by prayer.

New monastic fresh expressions: examples, a definition, types, things to keep in mind and resources.

Fresh expressions in church history: the Benedictines.

The Community of Aidan and Hilda is an internationally dispersed community of Christians following a Way of Life and a Rule of Prayer.

The Community of St Jude is a non-residential community inspired by Sant'Egidio and based in Earls Court, West London.