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Revd Sam Foster, fresh expressions pioneer missioner for the Scarborough Deanery, explains why they have numerous projects under way.

Adrian McCartney talks about Boring Wells, a network of fresh expressions of church in and around Belfast with different flavours but the same vision and core values.

Shiela Porter looks back at how St George's, Deal dealt with major challenge through the development of missional communities.

Team leader James Henley explains more about the ministry and development of the Lab, a missional community of young adults in Newport, South Wales.

New monastic fresh expressions: examples, a definition, types, things to keep in mind and resources.

The IN dimension of church is about fellowship and building community.

Examples of fresh expressions in church history.

This page explores how to be a great team, using the framework of forming, norming, storming, performing and adjourning.

The Community of Aidan and Hilda is an internationally dispersed community of Christians following a Way of Life and a Rule of Prayer.

The Odyssey Community began four years ago with six members. So far there have been seven new Christians as a result of Odyssey members.