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Jon and Jo Soper tell us the story of Exeter Network Church, in the Church of England Diocese of Exeter.

This page looks in more detail at how to move from the first two main circles to 'exploring discipleship' in the fresh expressions journey through showing Jesus, acts of kindness, God talk, creative expressions of spirituality, missional worship and experiences of healing.

Discipleship requires commitment to a Christian community - disciples should belong to a Christian community, forming authentic community is vital, community can nurture spiritual life in various ways, Christian communities shoudl be life- rather than church-centric - which might encourage more radical communities. Discipleship includes learning how to multiply the church.

Two elements are at the heart of fresh expressions: a strong mission focus and a willingness to re-imagine church so that people can encounter Christ in their culture. This involves a new mindset about church. Re-imagining church requires you to think about church in at least three different ways.

Communities are central to God's purposes.

The Trinitarian basis of mission.

Fresh expressions promote the kingdom of God by transforming society.

Why do fresh expressions matter? They are part of God's call to mission, society is changing, people have spiritual longings, Christendom is declining or gone and fresh expressions make strategic sense.

Personal salvation, the kingdom of God, 'missio dei', fresh expressions as a response.

Are fresh expressions proper church? Re-imagining church, the essence of church, one, holy, catholic and apostolic church.