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Nic Williams, leader of Church@Community, tells of its development meeting in a local primary school in St Ann's, Nottingham.

Fresh expressions in church history: John Wesley's mirror of God.

Andrew Pakes describes how things have moved in since 3six5, an emerging congregation, began alongside his more traditional ministry in October 2000.

When Matt Finch became co-minister of ten Norfolk Methodist chapels in 2002, he inherited a fortnightly Bible study among the largely elderly congregation of Feltwell Chapel.

If the doors of the imposing Grade II listed Easton Methodist Church were kept closed, passers-by on the local high street would miss all that goes on inside throughout the week.

Dave Saunders tells how his faith journey led him from England's south coast to become a VentureFX pioneer in Scotland.

VentureFX pioneer Lou Davis tells about the formation and development of a community in Scotland's capital city.

Stuart Radcliffe tells how Heaton Moor United Church, Stockport, is linking with the local pub to develop community links.

Tim Nash, a VentureFX pioneer minister, has been developing a community called Garden-City with his wife Hannah, for the past 18 months.

Elaine Watkinson explains how, with the aid of a caravan, she is pioneering the Quest-ion? youth project.