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From what we observe, we think that a fresh expressions journey will often be good practice. Not every fresh expression of church will develop in this way, but many do.

This page looks in more detail at 'exploring discipleship' and 'church taking shape' in the fresh expressions journey. How might 'showing Jesus' encourage people to explore the Christian faith? 'Exploring discipleship' can be done in a number of ways. 'Church' may emerge as the explorers group develops its Christian life together.

This page looks in more detail at 'building community' in the fresh expressions journey: Why is it so important? What forms can it take? Does 'building community' always follow 'loving and serving'?

This page looks in more detail at how to move from the first two main circles to 'exploring discipleship' in the fresh expressions journey through showing Jesus, acts of kindness, God talk, creative expressions of spirituality, missional worship and experiences of healing.

A fresh expressions journey in more details.

This page looks in more detail at 'loving and serving' in the fresh expressions journey. Why is this a fruitful starting point for a fresh expression of church? What might it involve? Should fresh expressions never start with worship?

To avoid manipulation of a fresh expressions journey, maintain a healthy spiritual focus, hold light to your destination, and build unconditional love into your values.

The journey tells a story about how fresh expressions of church often develop. It seeks to answer questions like: 'If we pioneer a fresh expression, what would the experience look like?' 'Is there a bird's eye view of how a fresh expression takes shape?' 'Is there a way of discovering where we are in the process?'

Discipleship is a journey, not a course - it starts before conversion, continues throughout life, has four dimensions and is the central task of the church.

Are fresh expressions proper church? Re-imagining church, the essence of church, one, holy, catholic and apostolic church.