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If you have seen expressions: the dvd - 1 then you will remember Somewhere Else - the Liverpool 'bread' church. Heather Lovelady brings the story up to date.

Steve Jones, Pioneer Team Co-ordinator, tells us about 'a bit of an adventure' in Devon.

Richard Moy, ordained pioneer minister explains how church is forming amongst those who have never been involved before, through Wolverhampton Pioneer Ministries.

David Bird describes how Street Church works with vulnerable and homeless people in Northampton.

Revd Tony Cant discusses St Luke's-in-the-High-Street, focused around the weekly Walthamstow Farmers' Market.

Revd Cathy Stone describes how helping those on the edge of society has led to blessing for herself and the inherited church.

A group of Sheffield Christians create church for those who find most Christian gatherings too slick and professional.

Church Army Evangelist Alan Park explains the development of Church on the Bus, offering practical and spiritual support to homeless and vulnerable people.

Night Shift at Hereford Baptist Church runs on Saturday evenings from 12 midnight to about 3am. Mair Granthier explains how things have changed since Night Shift started.

Over many years, 13 churches and Christian organisations in Ealing, West London, worked together to provide a soup kitchen for people on the edge of society.