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Charlie Nobbs tells the tale of the Kairos Centre, the start of another chapter in the story of Grange Park Church.

From what we observe, we think that a fresh expressions journey will often be good practice. Not every fresh expression of church will develop in this way, but many do.

This page looks in more detail at 'exploring discipleship' and 'church taking shape' in the fresh expressions journey. How might 'showing Jesus' encourage people to explore the Christian faith? 'Exploring discipleship' can be done in a number of ways. 'Church' may emerge as the explorers group develops its Christian life together.

This page looks in more detail at how to move from the first two main circles to 'exploring discipleship' in the fresh expressions journey through showing Jesus, acts of kindness, God talk, creative expressions of spirituality, missional worship and experiences of healing.

The journey tells a story about how fresh expressions of church often develop. It seeks to answer questions like: 'If we pioneer a fresh expression, what would the experience look like?' 'Is there a bird's eye view of how a fresh expression takes shape?' 'Is there a way of discovering where we are in the process?'

Discipleship requires commitment to a Christian community - disciples should belong to a Christian community, forming authentic community is vital, community can nurture spiritual life in various ways, Christian communities shoudl be life- rather than church-centric - which might encourage more radical communities. Discipleship includes learning how to multiply the church.

Mixed economy, making more of the fringe, bridging evangelism and community development, connecting fresh expressions to everyday life.

Fresh expressions in church history: the church in Antioch.

Fresh expressions in church history: Dorothy L Sayers' pub audience.

Avril Chisnall and Christine Kay explain how a fresh expression of church has become part and parcel of the TANGO community project at St Mark's, Haydock.