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Discipleship is changing as society changes. Society is different, so the place of organisations and the church in society is different. The role of discipleship and the status of disciple-makers is different and individual believers and the resources available to them are different.

Discipleship requires commitment to a Christian community - disciples should belong to a Christian community, forming authentic community is vital, community can nurture spiritual life in various ways, Christian communities shoudl be life- rather than church-centric - which might encourage more radical communities. Discipleship includes learning how to multiply the church.

Discipleship encourages a dependence on the Spirit: why is trusting the Spirit so important? Top-down learning risks creating dependency, which the New Testament puts a strong emphasis on avoiding. Pioneers should equip their new churches to stand on their own feet - but won't things go wrong?

Discipleship is a journey, not a course - it starts before conversion, continues throughout life, has four dimensions and is the central task of the church.

Discipleship may involve rethinking worship, learning and spiritual practices - worship may be different to inherited church, it should be practical, fresh exrpessions should encourage healthy spiritual practices and all this should be nourished by prayer.

Learning is vital for growth and discipleship, but people have different learning styles: people may be activists, reflectors, theorists or pragmatists. Might the gospels reflect different learning styles?

Discipleship starts where people are - it should take seriously people's spiritual experiences, it start with the questions they are asking, take account of differences in personality, take place within believers' culture, take place where people physically live their lives and be side-by-side rather than top-down or bottom-up.

Discipleship should take account of differences in personality: personality types affect your spiritual outlook and fifferent types of prayer might suit different personalities.

Discipleship requires the support of other Christians: one-to-one support, small groups, gatherings of the fresh expression, joint ventures between local churches and large nationwide celebrations.

Discipleship transforms the whole of life - the focus of discipleship is training which puts transformation at the heart of discipleship. Transformation involves a journey to holiness, which entails dying to live and requires a journey to the inner heart.