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Steve Dixon, Church Army Evangelist and Lay Pioneer Ministry in the Diocese of Newcastle, tells the story of a fresh expression in Willington Quay, an area of urban deprivation on Tyneside.

Methodist pioneering minister Joy Adams explains how her fresh expression of church began life in a butchers shop in the local bus station.

Known and loved by many as a tourist hotspot on the Dorset coast, Poole is also home to missional community Reconnect.

Carl and Sarah Belcher talk about building a fresh expression with vulnerable people in a needy area of Lincoln.

A group of Sheffield Christians create church for those who find most Christian gatherings too slick and professional.

Captain Louise Weller tells how a new mobile Christian community, X-Site, has developed in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Goth Church in Coventry began when Diocesan Youth Officer Greg Bartlem and Cathedral Youth Minister Keith Parr started to walk around the city.

The Junction, drawn from the work of Hexthorpe Methodist Church, has much to celebrate but it faces many challenges too. Donald Reasbeck explains.

Revd Richard Higginbottom, outlines Tulloch NET's development and future plans in north west Perth.

Team leader James Henley explains more about the ministry and development of the Lab, a missional community of young adults in Newport, South Wales.