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StillPoint, a collection of resources and spaces for those attracted to the contemplative tradition, is a new fresh expression in Oxford. Ian Adams and Matt Rees explain.

Candles, quiet drumming, chanting, anointing with oil, breaking of bread and sharing of wine, food and sacred story - this is Contemplative Fire.

The Moot monastic community offers hospitality and welcome in the heart of the City of London to 'questers' or 'spiritual seekers'.

Paul Cudby, vicar of St Mary Magdalene church, explains what they are doing to reach those who don't 'do' church.

Paul Bradbury explains how Reconnect are creating a time of 'quiet and contemplative spirituality in the workplace' across Poole.

New monastic fresh expressions: examples, a definition, types, things to keep in mind and resources.

Simon Rundell reflects on the work of Blessed, a fresh expression of church exploring the sacramental tradition.

Waltham Abbey is the venue for Safe Haven, a spiritual home for people who live with mental illness.